Using iPhoto


Reasons for use

  • Import digital images from your camera, your computer, the web.. anywhere!
  • Collect, organize, categorize and edit digital images.
  • Create events and albums.
  • Create slide shows with music.
  • Create books, calendars, and cards with digital images right in iPhoto that can be printed or purchased.
  • A different way to do a "slideshow" or any type of presentation.
  • Present information with real world images and music to make it more relevant and authentic.
  • Digital storytelling.

Ease of use

  • Once the user learns the basic controls and how to navigate, VERY easy.
  • Drag and drop convenience.


Getting Started with iPhoto '09


New Features for '09 Include The Following:

* Faces: Digital Face Recognition

* Places: Geotagging Photo Locations

* New Slide Show Themes

Reasons for Using i-Photo in Education:
  • Quick import, editing and organization all in one spot
  • Organize photos in a number of ways--by events, by location, by individual/face, by photo album
  • Quick and fast slide shows using music that can be exported as movie files
  • Classroom books, calendars and cards that can be used for classroom projects in a variety of curricular areas
  • Resize pictures for use in projects without learning another application
  • Create visual imagery for today's 21st Century Learners
  • Ease of use featuring the ability to drag and drop pictures into the application
Educational Uses
  • Classroom Books: primary ABC Books, All About Me Books, Published writings, etc.
  • Digital Storytelling: use audio from i-Tunes and photos from i-Photo for student multimedia presentations
  • Synch pictures with an i-pod to create "21st Century Flash Cards"
  • GPS location for pictures--Geographically place pictures of the seven wonders of the world, etc.
  • Faces: Quickly create a slide show for Stars of the Week, featured individuals (historic, political, etc.)
  • Cards for poetry writings
  • Images for writing prompts
  • Historical image sorting: Photos of the presidents, locations (Rome, Italy, Nebraska, Texas) that correlate with studies.
  • Images/clip art for seasonal themes (for use in Newsletters, handouts, etc.)